That Which Works NOW
Discover a world that works for all.

An All-Inclusive Conversation,

among a diverse group of people coming together to enhance relations
among themselves.

The intended outcome of the conversation is participants absent of bias that infringes or potentially
infringes upon other participant’s well-being. Participants seek to find “that which works” rather
than that which may be considered Right or Wrong. No one necessarily must compromise his or
her particular beliefs, views or opinions. When conflict arises, that infringes upon another’s comfort,
well-being or personal fulfillment, particularly in regard to their actions, even if one were merely to
say so, again participants inquire or otherwise endeavor to find that which works.

Principles To The Conversation.

1. Participants respect, and in fact, honor the other’s beliefs, points of view and opinions.

2. Participants have a willingness to share their personal biases within the group.

3. Participants endeavor to insure everyone expresses their views if they choose to do so.

The originator of the group, Oscar Carter shall facilitate and guides the conversation within the
parameters outlined in the preceding paragraphs. co-facilitators will be added as the group grows.

P.S. If there is one ESSENTIAL criterion to achieving the intended outcome of
The Last Conversation, 
it is providing for, in fact causing the full and complete
self-expression of each individual within
the three principals and parameters
outlined herein.