“A Disruptive Technology…” Four Percent

“A Disruptive Technology…” Four Percent

Four Percent,  a two-year old massive Internet project is a disruptive technology which at times is difficult to explain.  Nothing comes close to its structure, organization and potential for personal and financial growth. NOTHING!!

It was created by multimillionaire online marketer Vick Strizheus and comprises a highly innovative online marketing training center, “on demand” consumer products and an eco-system that comprises multiple sources of income for more than 200,000 enrolled customers and promotional partners.

For many years, I have been immensely inspired by the philosophies and predictions offered by futurist Jason Silva, host of the Emmy Award nominated  National Geographic television series Brain Games.  His video description and illustration of disruptive technologies sheds light on how projects like Four Percent are “upending the way of things.”

Listen to these characteristics of a disruptive technology.


“The nature of transactions are being absolutely upended”
“The way in which supply meets demand is being utterly transformed.”
“The nature of business, of the economy, of the marketplace is being flabercasted by disruptive technologies.
“And today, my friend, we enter the age of the on demand economy.”
“Access is more important than ownership.”
“Open up worlds of possibility in our fingertips”
“We’re moving into a world that we build at the speed of thought”
“We’re moving into our own imagination.”
“Everything will be served up to us intelegently and intuitively without any effort on our behalf.”
“Our imagination will be served up by our technology.
“Miracles will be engendered.”
“Devine engineering, my friends, is an inedibility of the human enterprise”

“Welcome to the on demand world.” Jason Silva

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Oscar Carter
That Which Works Now

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