Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

The “best advice I have ever gotten,” shared by Bryan Elliot, in his Behind the Brand video interview of Seth Godin, one of the world’s most renowned trainers of entrepreneurs is one of the most heart-felt and profound lessons every aspiring entrepreneur should hear.

In it, Bryan shares advice he was given by Mr. Godin several years ago after leaving his job and starting on his entrepreneurial path.  The following are the words of advice he gave him in pursuing his new online media business.

“There’s no prince charming in this story. There’s no rescue boats. No one’s coming. Stop waiting to get picked. The Today Show is not calling. CNN is not going to call you. You’re not going to get scooped up; waiting to get picked; waiting to get rescued.”

And that just pierced my heart. like no other. And in that moment my whole point of view changed.  I realized that I was playing the victim…. But what you told me that no one coming, no one going to rescue I need to change myself changed that point of view to that of being like a survivor to continue push forward to not give up.  It changed my life.  I want to thank you for that.”

Godin’s response, “Don’t thank me this is you.”

I suppose the video resonated with me as much as it did because it reminded me of some advise a friend of mine once gave me.

I was complaining about how I felt I was being treated by the banks and even the federal housing authority (FHA) in acquiring a construction loan to renovate a brownstone townhouse in New York City many years ago.  He sternly stopped me in my rant and said, “stop being a Black victim.”  Similar to Bryan Elliot’s experience in getting his advice, I was immediately shaken.  My immediate response was to get on with my project which I was able to complete without the modification loan I was complaining about.

Perhaps not the Best Advice I have gotten ever, it certainly was the best “wake up call” I could have received at the time for the project I had before me.

As entrepreneurs we all must learn that the buck stops with us.  There is no one else we can hold accountable.  If you our coming from a job as an entrepreneur, this will particularly be a rude awakening you will be forced to bear, or perhaps not in which case, you will want to give up or quit like so many do when they come to this realization.

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