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Do you understand what money is?

Entrepreneur, writer, philosopher and Bitcoin "maxmilist" Robert Breedlow decribes money in the most understandable and concise way I have ever heard. With that, we can see how Bitcoin is positioned to be the most likely asset that will begin to serve the world better than any other asest ever, including gold and silver.

In summary, Mr. Breedlow defines money as a “Universal medium of exchange.” He argues, Bitcoin is the most liquid, tradeable/exchangeable of all assets.

He points out how "Money has nothing to do with governments other than the fact they try to monopolize it and try to control it to control people."

And, when you look at money from first principles, he states for money to exist, it needs five key properties.

  • Divisibility
  • Durability
  • Recognizabiity
  • Portability
  • Scarcity

If you do not understand Bitcoin, I suggest you watch Mr. Breedlow's video interview above. It is a little over two hours long. I have watched it twice and found the time very well spent. It will clearly show why it is essential to understand Bitcoin to survive in today's economy. I really do mean survive.


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