Corona Virus, A New Normalcy

Corona Virus, A New Normalcy

Alright, here you go!

I have been listening to so called “conspiracy theories” about the corona virus, its supposed origin, its supposed ways of limiting its spread and its treatment.

AND, I have listned to maintream media and its programs primarily presented by our governmental entities on televison, online and somewhat in print.

As a result, I have made my conclusions based on the information about the corona virus I have understood to date. I will be using the information to continue my way of life as I see it that is best for me, my family, my friends and the people with whom I interact.

HORAY for me! With that, I encourage you to listen and consider it all, by that I mean all sides of the corona virus story. That is to say, listen to mainstream media, your govenments, the so called conspiracy theorists, your medical providers your spiritual teachers and your HEART.

Consequentlyt, I encourage you to consider choosing a new normalcy that you will live, perhaps better said, choose a life of unconditional love in the infinite midst of uncertainty

I leave you with the below video,

Oscar Carter
That Which Works Now

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