Intro to Crypto, “…in simple, granny-friendly English” (Re-Post)

Intro to Crypto, “…in simple, granny-friendly English” (Re-Post)

I am so very proud and impressed with an extraordinary display of professional journalism written by my nephew, Tahi Gichigi in which he begins his just released Intro to Crypto blog as follows:

“After dabbling in cryptocurrency investing for a while, I quit my job in February 2018 to go all in on crypto. And I couldn’t have picked a better time.

Bear markets are great for learning. And I learned that there was still so much education to do. And its clear the brand with the most trust–built through quality content–will have won our hearts and minds in 10 years time.

Today people write about blockchain in complicated ways either to sound smart or because they don’t really understand it themselves. As a writer, its my job to be clear.

One clear proposition is worth 1000 jargon-filled messages.

So I’ve taken 20 weeks to write 20 articles explaining blockchain simply. I hope there’s a boy in Bolivia, a man in Kansas, a girl in Nairobi, a woman in Sri Lanka who use it to shape their understanding of the future.

If you want to begin learning about Bitcoin and blockchain, Intro to Crypto is a perfect place to start.

Oscar Carter
That Which Works

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