Making Sense Out Of Las Vegas… Don’t!

Making Sense Out Of Las Vegas… Don’t!

My mentor Vick Strizheus shared this with me this evening and it
makes perfect sense to me.

What about you?

“Hi friends – we all know what happened in Vegas last weekend…
It’s shocking when you realize how short and fragile ones life can
be, and none of us has a guarantee for tomorrow.

My sincere condolences to the families who lost their loves ones
and friends in this tragedy.

I just want to suggest couple of things:

1. Be grateful for the little things every day.

2. I see a lot of people are engaging in all kinds of “conspiracy
theories” etc… and many of them are being very passionate about it.

Look – I suggest channeling your energy in a more positive direction.

Be careful in participating or engaging in negative or controversial
talks. Heck, stay away from it.

Don’t worry about what “they’re” doing. Take charge of what YOU’RE
doing for YOUR business and future.

Yes, lots of things are up for a debate but when its all said and done –
none of that stuff will help you get the result you want. In fact, it will
take you further away from your dreams.

Everybody’s got an opinion and there’s so much fake and incorrect
information floating around – it’s crazy.

Those “conspiracy theories” will mess you up and you won’t even
realize it. It’s infectious and it’s dangerous for your success.

Focus your energy and attention on your goals and the future you
desire to create.

Stay focused.

We can’t change what “they” do, but we can focus on what “we” do to
create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our families.

After all – economies are created by entrepreneurs like us.

God bless everyone.



That Which Works

P.S. My sentiments are synonymous with Vicks and I pray for
the comfort, completeness, fulfillment and love for all.

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