Marianne Williamson for President – 2020 WHY?

Marianne Williamson for President – 2020 WHY?

With her not being a career politician, you may be curious in knowing why I am supporting Marianne Williamson to become the 46th President of the United States in 2020. The following is my answer to that question.

I am a US citizen, a Vietnam War Veteran and a retired public health administrator. After raising two of my now adult daughters in Cleveland, I now reside in New York City with my wife and my nine-year-old daughter.

Over the years, I lost faith in our government, both local and national, in its ability to meet the needs of our citizens.  As I look back over those years, I am realizing my pessimism began soon after President Kennedy’s assassination in the mid-60’s. I was a junior in high school and I vividly remember how devastated everyone I knew and came in contact became in hearing the news that horrific day.

Since then, I have observed people run for office, most, if not all of whom I am sure had good intentions, but later found themselves wrapped within a dysfunctional bureaucratic system, laden with corporate greed, profit motivation and unevenly considered special interests, leaving them with an inability to be productive in carrying out their mandates and promises to attend to the needs and enhance the lives of their constituents and the citizenry as a whole.

I am particularly dismayed by the millions of children, who literally are the future of our country, in not only distressed and low-income inner-city neighborhoods but also in areas of our suburban and wide sections of our rural communities who lack access to quality, even decent education not to mention any possible chance of opportunity to attend college or post-graduate business or technical training programs.  Too many of these children ultimately end up unemployed, depressed and worse, on illicit drugs, in jail and totally unprepared to be productive citizens.  I see this bleakness every day in neighborhood playgrounds, at the exits of junior high and high schools when classes are dismissed and on subways and buses. I refuse to fault these children and many times even their parents for their seemingly uncaring attitude, behavior and lack of respect for others and themselves and sadly little if any thoughtful aspiration for their lives. I do fault our government and those of us who have not wakened to this plight and have done nothing or little if anything about it. Let’s stop fooling ourselves, it is not getting better.

I first became aware of this problem in the late 60’s while completing my student teaching assignment as a senior in college. What’s that? “Oh My God,” that’s almost 60 years ago. AND, I have given little thought to how it might be better.  I also could never understand how my single vote for a President or any other public office could ever make the difference that was needed although I was always told that it could and I had a civic obligation and duty to vote.  “Son, your ancestors fought hard and died for your right to vote,” my mother would scold me. I got a glimpse of the possibility for change during Barack Obama’s two Presidential Campaigns during which I worked vehemently to get him elected.

Today, listening intently, and in awe I might add, to Marianne Williamson’s Announcement for President in 2020, her ongoing talks and presentations and reading her platform, I see clearly THE essential pathway and imperative for change.

That course is concise. AND, there is a detailed articulation and conviction of a vision and call for inspired action to awaken the consciousness and awareness of ALL citizens to a political system that is broken and has resulted in a democracy that is destined for demise as Ms. Williamson frequently reminds us. And, then it becomes essential that each one of us begin to take full responsibility, be accountable in fully participating in enhancing our own lives and the lives of our citizenry at large and beyond.

That’s my Marianne Williamson for President story.  My commitment is working with the other members of the Campaign in partnership with Ms. Williamson to assure she is elected our 46th President. 

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We can do this!

Oscar Carter

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