Power of An Idea (Where We Are Going)

Power of An Idea (Where We Are Going)

The idea of finding That Which Works, your answer to the question What Do You Want and taking action towards its fulfillment illustrates the power of an idea for enhancing one’s life.   It means nothing, of course, if it doesn’t make sense to you.  So what do you think? (Comment below)

Since retiring from a corporate career in hospital and public health administration of more than 30 years in 2006, I have spent time traveling, raising my eight-year old daughter and being a good husband and father to my adult children the best way I can muster. Outside of partying, not as much as I should and intend, and lying on the beach or cooling out at my home in the country, I have been pursuing the power of an idea of creating a world that works for all.

Come on Oscar, REALLY!

Oh Yes, I believe in the possibility of a world that works for all. And contrary to people who tend to give a lot of attention on what doesn’t work and what they don’t want, I strive to focus my thoughts on what does work and what I want.   The things I find objectionable I tend to look away and “stick my head in the sand” like the ostrich as I have been accused of doing. Of course, others certainly view many things I might find objectionable entirely differently.

Early in my corporate career, my mentor told me I was a cynic. Although I interpreted his observation as being negative, I never gave it much thought as to what he might have meant and therefore made no attempts to adjust my character in any particular way. Today, as I study the meaning of the word cynic, I want to adopt the example Merriam Webster gives for a cynic that is “one who believes human conduct is motivated wholly by self-interest,” although for purposes of this discussion, I want to eliminate the word “wholly.” On a relative scale, I think most people are motivated by their self-interests and they act accordingly.  I think that is natural.  I however recognize, of course, that people’s self interests frequently conflict and are opposed to the self interests of others.

In causing a world that works for all, I endeavor to support people empower themselves in getting what they want for themselves without interfering with the self-interests of others. It’s there where the possibility for a world that works for all lies providing further illustration of the power of an idea as Jason Silva encourages in his video.

This endeavor, and I, respect, in fact honor others’ point of views.  I encourage you to join me in adopting the courage to disrupt and adjust the conversations you and I have with ourselves and others when they infringe upon our own and others’ sense of freedom and self-expression.  When we do, we empower ourselves and others.

Over the last 20 years, I have participated in several globally recognized personal transformational programs and spiritual pursuits.  Today, I participate with a group of entrepreneurs in transforming our lives and those of others, personally and financially.  We have at our disposal a systemized online marketing training center and an extensive eco-systems that provides us multiple streams of income.

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Oscar Carter
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