Radical Truth Teller, Marianne Williamson

Radical Truth Teller, Marianne Williamson

I am always careful about anything I might view as the truth.  Technically, truth does not exist in my world.  At least, it is nothing you or I will ever intrinsically know as truth.

You think you know the truth about anything, I bet I can find someone who would deny that truth.  I know, I know, you say two plus two is four and one plus one is two.  Well, that is until someone tells you to go to Google and search “does two and two always equal four?”  I will not try explain the answers in many articels on the first page that say No.  You can do your own search and then you might ask yourself how accurate are your findings knowing Google manipulates its algorighms based on its intentions and how it intends for its various audiences to understand the information provided.

Well, enough said about truth.

There are “Big Truths” former presidential candidate and “Radiacal Truth Teller,” Marianne Williamson prominently describes where spiritually cannot be separated from our politics and our everyday lives.  Although she describes spirituality as simply a path of the heart, she also says it cannot be separated from the path to dismantle our broken…

“…economic system that places profitability, short term profitability for huge multinational corporate entities before any moral or ethical concern or responsibility to people or to planet. That’s a political issue. It’s an economic issue that reflects heartlessness and that has been going on forty years.  Trickle-down economics is based on that idea that the only responsibility of the corporation should be fiduciary towards stockholders at the expense of other stakeholders like workers or planet or community or environment.”

This interview of Ms. Williamson by Andrew Yang, also a former 2020 presidential candidate is profound, compelling and powerful.

You judge whether that is the truth or not.

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