WQ the magazine serves as a dynamic bridge between Black Owned Businesses and Black Customers and Clients using engaging content and resources to keep readers in touch with Black-Owned Business Collective Network. WEBdmk consistently provides impactful information about Black news-makers, Black business and finances, local and national events, economic programs, research, fashion, entertainment and of utmost interest, Black family life. 

WEBdmk Quarterly, (WQ)

WEBdmk Quarterly, (WQ) is a full-color print and digital magazine published four times a year by WEBdmk LLC. WEBdmk is an ever-expanding network of Black Owned Businesses and co-creators collaborating locally, nationally and internationally to develop a dynamic interdependent network of Black entrepreneur enterprise and innovation. WEBdmk Quarterly, (WQ) is distributed to throughout districts, communities and collaboratives comprised of Black Owned Businesses and Communities with the initial publication to be distributed in Metro-Detroit districts, expanding to Black Communities throughout Michigan, America and abroad via subsequent publications.


Black Readership Skyrockets
Statista reports that readers in The United States with African American or Black ethnicity read 9.2 print magazine issues per month, higher than the national average of 7.3 issues a month for all American adults in 2019.

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