That Which Works NOW
Discover a world that works for all.


He unlocks the human and wealth potential of people by engaging them in a
transformative conversation that enhances relationships in their personal life and

Oscar Carter

For more than 30 years, Oscar has held senior executive positions, in several of the largest
health care delivery systems in the United States
. For the last 8 years, he has committed
himself to a vision of creating a world that works for every person.

It has been his aim and intention to stimulate and expand a sustained conversation for a
world/community that works for ALL; that is a world/community that works for each
.  This community, this world that is a diverse community inclusive of the religious,
ethnic, cultural, age, sexual orientation, political makeup or whatever

The proposed conversation

is a “conversation for possibility” and that which is possible for the world/community resulting
in peace, freedom and full self-expression for all. Simply put, it is a community/world that
“works” f
or everyone. Expected outcomes• Personal responsibility and empowerment.• Respect
for one another, in fact honoring one another regardless of another’s beliefs, opinions or views
on anything and everything***In that regard, we know that would not be enough to be the all
and end all for a community to work for everybody since people with varying beliefs, opinions
and views have and will continue take actions based on factors that infringe on right of expression
and freedoms of others.***There is the work to
be done.***That work, we propose is a conversation
that provides for some possibility or possibilities that works for all concerned without any one
needing to compromise their particular beliefs, opinions or  views.OK. Sounds like Utopia and I
believe it is possible.In Napoleon Hill’s 1925 classic work, “The Law of Success,” he writes, “For
more than four thousand years, men have been preaching the Golden Rule as a suitable rule of
conduct among men, but unfortunately, the world has accepted the letter while missing the spirit
of this Universal Injunction.

We have accepted the Golden Rule of Philosophy

as a sound rule of ethical conduct, but we have failed to understand the law upon which it is based.
”“The Golden Rule philosophy
is based on a law that no man can circumvent. This law is the same
law that
is described in Lesson Ten, Accurate Thought, through the operation of which one’s
are transformed into reality corresponding exactly to the nature of the thoughts. ‘Once
granted the creative power of our thought, and there is an end of our struggling for our own way,
and an end of gaining it at some one else’s expense, for
since by the terms of the hypothesis we can
create what we like, the simplest way of getting what we want is not to snatch it from somebody
else but to make it for ourselves, and since there is no limit to thought, there can be no need for
straining, and for every one to have his own way in this manner would be to banish all strife, want,
sickness and sorrow from the earth

I woke up one morning to a local church minister

blasting his Sunday morning sermon over the Internet on my wife’s computer. I blurted out therein
lays an example of the world not working.
I had previously interpreted the minister preaching as
an infringement upon the existence and expansion of other ministries and other people’s beliefs.
In conversing my interpretation with my mother in law and wife, I have come to understand his
preaching is neither an infringement on meor any one else for that matter.
I come to understand, that although people may disagree or find something objectionable, an
infringement occurs only to the extent one allows it to
negatively impact his or her peace of mind
or livelihood, including death
In that regard, tolerance, personal responsibility and empowerment rein requisite in creating a
world that works for
each and every person.
So, we initiate and intend to sustain this conversation.
“…if I am not in the world simply to adapt to it, but rather transform it,
and if it is not possible tochange the world without a certain dream or
vision for it, I must make use of every possibility there is not only to speak
about my utopia, but also to engage in practices consistent with it
.” ―
Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Indignation