Oscar Carter

I remember the date and place. It occurred in 1995, Akron, Ohio.

A leader of a group in which I was participating asked me to perform a menial task. I immediately felt like I was being ``taken advantaged of and discriminated against`` because of the color of my skin. I felt victimized and disempowered. I recall only one other time in my entire life experiencing anything similar. It was when a girl in my high school class, some 35 years earlier, called me a nigger. Although hurtful at the time, I gave little thought to it. However, following the 1995 incident, I realized, it was I, and perhaps only I, who was harboring prejudicial feelings and sensitives related to a person's skin color.

The realization was transformational for me.


It taught me the ONE THING preventing people from getting what they want for their lives. It is that ONE THING, I want to share with you.

What is it that you want for your life?


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